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Where to go for information

Local media takes hurricanes and threats seriously, and will report continuously on the situation in the event we are truly at risk of impact. The National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center deliver the same information to all local television and radio stations, and local broadcast stations also use the internet to post updates. Choose your favorite broadcast station and stay tuned to receive the latest information on weather and safety developments. Updates will also be made available on MBRadio 1670 AM.

Information on where to receive assistance will be provided through radio, television or newspapers, as long as those sources are available following a hurricane. In case all communications fail after a hurricane, City public safety personnel along with CERT and other volunteers will disseminate information via flyers into the neighborhoods.

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MBAlert® Emergency Notification

This service gives the Department of Emergency Management the ability to contact you for any situations that could affect you directly. Register here to receive text messages, emails and/or phone call messages. Whether it be a hurricane heading our way, an evacuation order, a missing child in a certain area, or even an active shooter in a neighborhood, we have the capability to contact you directly to your home phone or any electronic device.

In order to be connected to the MBAlert® notification system for Miami Beach, you must sign up to ensure your accurate information is included in our system.

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