Recycling Toolbox

The City’s Recycling Ordinance mandates that all multi-family residences and all commercial establishments implement a single-stream recycling program. If you have received a letter from the City and wish to verify that your establishment is in compliance, please fill out the Recycling Verification Form.

If you are not sure what single-stream recycling is, download this free Single-stream Recycling Poster!

If you have a recycling program, but you are not quite happy with it, fill out the Workshop Requests form and we will send someone to your residence or business to help you make your program more efficient.

Finally, if you want to let your residents know where your recycling bins are located or where the recycling area is, download and fill out one of these two helpful signs:

  1. Customizable Trash Chute Sign 1
  2. Customizable Trash Chute Sign 2


Dos & Don’ts


DO wash out jars and containers before recycling. Remember, you do not have to remove the labels.

DO be conscious of what you consume–recycling is just one component of total waste reduction.

DO take plastic bags to your local supermarket to be properly recycled.

DO reduce and reuse whenever possible.


DON’T recycle paper and cardboard products (e.g. pizza boxes) with excess dirt or grease.

DON’T flush any medication down the toilet. Learn how to safely dispose of medication by clicking here.

DON’T place plastic bags in your single-stream recycling bin. Plastic bags and other thin plastic materials get caught in the recycling facilities’ sorting machinery, breaking the machines and halting processing for hours. For more information, please view our Miami Beach Recyling Tips and Tour video.

DON’T pour grease or oil down drains.

Contact Information

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If you still have questions, check out our FAQs page!