Tree Work Permit Information

Tree Removal and Relocation

A Tree Work Permit is required for the removal or relocation of trees, except for trees determined to be exempt per City code. In order to remove or relocate trees, the removal must be justified, and either relocation or replacement of trees must take place.

Tree Removal Application Submittal Process

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City Tree Removal Permit process is now paperless. When applying for a City Tree Removal Permit, an electronic application submittal is required. The electronic application submittal must be completed first and will also require creation of a CSS (Citizen Self Service) account before the application can be formally processed. There is also a customer service number listed on the webpage that can be utilized to help with the sign-up process and to answer any additional questions that may arise. Once you create an account, login and select the Permits tab and click Apply, then select Urban Forestry for permit type and Tree Removal Permit- Urban Forestry for work class.

Final inspection will be completed one year after successful mitigation inspection.

Tree Protection From Construction

Certain steps are required to ensure that trees are not damaged during construction activities. These include installation and maintenance of highly visible tree protection barriers and conducting onsite pre-construction meetings to go over tree protection related issues. Please refer to the following brochure for additional information on protecting trees during construction:  Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction.

City of Miami Beach Tree Preservation Trust Fund 

Payment may be made in certain instances to the Fund in lieu of tree replacement requirements. The Fund is used to obtain trees, landscaping, irrigation systems, and any other items or materials necessary and proper for the preservation, maintenance, relocation or restoration of trees and the urban forest on any publicly owned land or publicly accessible parcels in Miami Beach. These funds may also be expended for the Adopt-a-Tree Program, or similar program approved by the City Commission.

Downloadable Tree Work Permit Documents

Click any of the links below to download information sheets and permit forms related to the Tree Work Permit.