Night Club Fire Safety


The Miami Beach Fire Department has been working with the nightclub industry for many years to prevent a potential tragedy here. A fire or other emergency in a nightclub could result in many injuries and possibly deaths adversely impacting our cummunity in so many ways. We must continue to work together to ensure that we do not suffer the same devastating results as in other cities. We encourage you to make a commitment to fire safety by implementing the following ten (10) components as part of your safety program.

I. Fire Code Compliance

II. Fire Protection Systems

III. Building/Fire Permits

IV. Occupant Load/Overcrowding

V. Interior Finish

VI. Inspections

VII. Employee Training

VIII. Enforcement

IX. Promoters/Performers

X. Technology Enhancements

The provided weblinks further explain these ten components. Please take a few minutes to review and study the attached documents. Our Public Education section is eager to assist you in conducting fire safety training for you and your staff.

As shown below, there have been several tragic fires in nightclubs or similar venues in the U.S. and other countries in the last 20 years. These fires have resulted in numerous casualties and costly property damage.

Happy Land Social Club, NY USA March 25, 1990    87 dead
Weierkang Club, Taiwan February 15, 1995   64 dead
Ozone Disco Club, Phillipines March 18, 1996 160 dead
Disco Dance Hall, Sweden October 28, 1998   63 dead
Disco Dance Hall, China December 25, 2000 309 dead
The Station Nightclub, RI, USA February 20, 2003 100 dead
Cromagnon Club, Argentina December 30, 2004 194 dead
Lame Horse Nightclub, Russia December 4, 2009 154 dead
Santika Pub, Thailand January 1, 2009   66 dead

Although the emphasis above is fire, it is not fire alone that can cause casualties in a nightclub. Fore instance, there were 21 deaths when patrons rushed to one exit after a fight broke out inside the E2 nightclub in Chicago on February 17, 2003. The club was overcrowded and had several code violations.