Part 8 Enforcement


The nightclub owners shall establish enforcement guidelines to ensure that employees are following all safety procedures.

The first step is to develop a written safety plan in order to provide the information to employees.  The plan should be specific as to the safety rules that every employee must follow.

The second step is to develop enforcement or disciplinary action to ensure that employees follow the safety plan.  There must be a serious, but fair, consequence when employees violate any of the safety rules and procedures.  The safety plan will not be effective if the employees do not follow it.

The fire department is responsible for enforcing the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  The fire inspector will issue notice of violations (NOV).  The owner must take these notices seriously and correct any deficiencies as soon as possible.  If the owner does not comply, the fire inspector will forward the case to the Special Master for further action.  The SM can impose fines up to $1,000 a day for non-compliance.

In addition, the fire inspector can issue citations for overcrowding conditions, locked, blocked or impeded exits as described in the City Code.