Hospital Transport Billing Inquiry

Billing Inquiries

The Miami Beach Fire Department does not charge a fee for medical treatment administered if hospital transport is not provided. A fee is charged only if the patient is transported to a hospital. Ambulance service, as defined by Chapter 4, Article I of the Miami-Dade County Code means that the person being transported requires or is likely to require medical attention during transport. Patients transported by the Miami Beach Fire Department should contact the billing company for any inquiries:


(866) 432-2812    Main phone

(866) 758-2762  Main phone (Spanish)

(888) 772-3199  Patient billing and account related information

(305) 521-0773  Fax # for law firms to send their billing requests (Please first upload your request through

(305) 428-5385  Fax # for patients to send their insurance information to