Q. Where can I go for help if I am homeless in Miami Beach?
A. The City operates a walk-in center for homeless people at 555 – 17th Street. The Homeless Outreach Team can provide shelter, relocation, ID replacement, and other services to verifiable homeless residents of the City. The office is open Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays, from 7:30am – 3:30pm. The office is closed for lunch from noon to 1pm.
Q. Are there any shelters in Miami Beach?
A. No, there are no shelters located within the City of Miami Beach. All emergency shelters used by the City are located in Miami.
Q. How can I get a shelter bed?
A. Firstly, you must demonstrate that you have been homeless in Miami Beach by providing an eviction notice or expired lease for a property within the City. While the City typically has shelter beds available to serve its homeless residents, demand during peak seasons may not make beds immediately available. In order to apply for a bed, you must complete an intake process and provide consent to ensure that you are placed in the most appropriate bed possible that will ensure your successful transition away from homelessness. You must agree to complete your care plan designed specific to your needs and goals as a condition of placement.
Q. Can you help me get back home if I am stranded in Miami Beach?
A. The City offers one-time relocation assistance to verified homeless people seeking relocation to family or friends within the contiguous United States. Clients seeking relocation must not have any open warrants or local court fees and the City must verify that the person at your desired destination is willing and able to provide you support.
Q. I am homeless and do not have an ID. Can you help me?
A. Yes, once you have been verified as homeless, the City can help you obtain your birth certificate and assist you in obtaining a replacement Florida identification card and/or social security card. Depending on the state issuing the birth certificate, it typically takes 10 business days to receive a birth certificate.