Homeless Services

The City of Miami Beach manages shelter beds at three different shelters to ensure the correct placement for anyone seeking help. Our shelter providers are: The Salvation Army, Miami Rescue Mission and Camillus House.

The path from homelessness begins with shelter placement where a client is provided care coordination services to seek employment, apply for entitlement benefits, obtain medical care including addiction counseling, and referrals to those services that will ensure client stability and provide a path to a permanent, sustainable home. Care coordination provides the support for the client to successfully become independent, housed and stable:

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Through care coordination, the City provides a variety of supports in addition to shelter including:

  • Identification document replacement
  • Short-term employment and job training
  • Entitlements screening and application
  • Support group services four days a week based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Below is a quick summary of service levels:

Measure FY 15/16 FY 16/17 Variance
Homeless in City1 1,998 1,571 -21.4%
Average Morning Count2 115.51 90.82 -21.4%
Official City Census3 156 133 -14.8%
Served by HOT4 1,370 1,456 +7.0%
HOT Shelter Placements 676 570 -15.5%
Direct Police Placements5 0 24 N/A
Relocations6 88 118 +34%
Permanent Placements7 154 172 +11.7%
Homeless Employed by City8 22 42 +90.9%

Reference Key

1 – The number of self-identified homeless contacted by Hot and PD

2 – The morning count factors high-traffic areas. This will include beach in FU 17/18

3 – The Point-in-Time Survey, January 2016 and 2017, respectively

4 – People contacted in the walk-in center and field

5 – Police were provided placement privileges in February 2017

6 – Relocations are provided once in a lifetime per client with verification of destination

7 – Placements in sustainable housing

8 – Employment program began full year implementation in FY 16/17