Shine Program

In an effort to advocate for our community’s elders and families, the Office of Community Services is partnering with local agencies to provide counseling in different areas.


The Alliance for Aging’s SHINE program (Serving Health Insurance Needs for the Elderly), a free program offered by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and the local Area Agency on Aging. Specially trained volunteers can assist elders with their Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance questions by providing one-on-one counseling and information.
SHINE services are free, unbiased, and confidential. A counselor is available at the Answer Center, located at the first floor of City Hall on appointment basis. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 305.673.7491.

For more information about SHINE, you can visit their website.

Miami-Dade County Office of the State Attorney

Recognizing the importance of expanded citizen access and education, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has launched a comprehensive county-wide initiative wherein representatives from her office’s Community Outreach Program will be partnering and sharing office space with numerous community resource agencies located throughout the county; the goal to have more direct contact with the residents who reside in those satellite areas.

The presence of a State Attorney’s Office (SAO) representative will serve to ensure maximum access to residents in specific communities so that they will not have to undertake a lengthy commute to have face-to-face discussions with an SAO staff member.

Among the many services to be made available in the partnering community agencies are:

  • Child Support Enforcement inquiries
  • What to do if your identity has been compromised
  • Having a record sealed or expunged for non-conviction minor offenses
  • Helping recover monies for receiving a check with insufficient funds
  • Providing information on accessing domestic violence services and resources
  • Specific case status information for cases the SAO is currently prosecuting
  • Applying for victim compensation services

The representatives will be available to speak with Miami Beach residents on Wednesday mornings, 10 am-12:30 at the Answer Center, located on the first floor of City Hall.

For more information, please call 305.673.7491.For more information, please visit the State Attorney’s website. Assisters

Representatives from are available to help people navigate through the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace and provide information about the “Affordable Healthcare Act.”
Representatives will be available Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30-4:00 pm.
For more information, please call 305.673.7491. No appointments are necessary.