Automobile Liability Claims

Please note that the City of Miami Beach is a self-insured public entity as defined under §768 F.S.  The following information is provided to assist you in obtaining the most expeditious reply to your claim.

If you feel you have an auto accident claim against the City of Miami Beach, the Human Resources/Risk Management Office recommends that you contact your insurance carrier and report the accident to them immediately. Filing the claim with your own insurance company should simplify and expedite the entire process for you. Upon final settlement with you, your insurance carrier may submit their subrogation to The City of Miami Beach Claims Office for review.

Should you elect to file your claim directly with the Human Resources/Risk Management Office, we request that you complete a City of Miami Beach Claim Form and include all relevant supporting documents (such as receipts, proof of ownership, two (2) estimates, billings, etc.) or additional evidence (e.g. photos, diagrams, etc.) and mail, fax or deliver the fully completed and notarized claim form to:

City of Miami Beach
Human Resources/Risk Management
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: 305-673-7524
Fax: 305-673-7023
In the event your form is received and is not notarized and/or fully completed or supporting documents are not enclosed, your file will be recorded but remain inactive in our system, until a fully completed form is received. The Risk Management staff will review and thoroughly investigate the matter based upon the entirety of the individual circumstances, and evaluate your claim on its own individual merit, prior to rendering a final claims decision.

  • The City Claims office will not pay or commit to paying for any damages or loss of use until our investigation is completed.
  • Should the City of Miami Beach agree to handle any part of your damages, we will review submitted repair estimates and/or complete our own damage appraisal.
  • The City may pay for a maximum of five (5) days, with the daily amount not to exceed $40.00 (Inclusive of fees and tax) while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • The City Claims office does not cover gas, mileage or insurance on a rental vehicle.
  • The City Claims office does not cover loss of use expenses for repairs that exceed the expected repair time.
  • Excessive rental expenses will need to be settled between you, the owner, and your repair facility.

As the claimant you have the following responsibilities:

  • Complete, sign, notarize and mail in a Statement of Claim form to the City of Miami Beach.
  • Mitigate your damages. This includes minimizing storage expenses & protecting your property from additional damage and exposure.

NOTE: All documents submitted to the City of Miami Beach are subject to Florida Public Records Statute (Ch. 119, F.S.) after the claim is closed.