FISCAL YEAR 2010/11 Audit Reports

INTERNAL AUDIT REPORTS (Listed in alphabetical order)
Accumulated Leave Liability
Boucher Brothers Beachfront Concession Agreement
City Clerk Operations – Public Requests, Record Retention, and Lobbyist Registration
Concurrency Mitigation Fees 
Cultural Arts Council 9/2010
First Class Parking Valet Parking -Art Basel 2010
Fleet Management Division Internal Services Funds
Miami Beach Garden Conservancy Management Agreement 
Non-Revenue Municipal Parking Permits
Procurement Division Operational 
Sanitation Fees Residential Billings and Service Agreement Compliance
Sanitation Fines and Forthwiths 
Special Event Fees
State Beachfront Management Agreement FY10 (City Operational)
State Beachfront Management Agreement FY10 (State Financial)
State Forfeited Funds and Related Expenditures
Stormwater Utility
Summary of Parking Reviews FY11
Water and Sewer Billings
Water and Sewer Impact Fees

SANITATION AUDIT REPORTS (Listed in alphabetical order)
CNC Management Group Inc.
June-Be-Gone Corp
Lopefra Corp.
Southeastern Recycling Corp
Southern Waste Systems
S&S National Waste, Inc.
T&S Limited Roll-Off Solutions, INC.