AUDITS COMPLETED BY CATEGORIES (listed by area in alphabetical order)

Code Compliance:
Code Compliance Enforcement (FY09/10)
Code Compliance and Fire Prevention Complaints and Cases (Analysis) (FY11/12)

Parks and Recreation:
Greensquare, Inc. Management Agreement (Tennis Centers) (FY09/10)
Landscaping Contracts – Citywide (FY09/10)
Parks & Recreation Department Cashiering Function and Revenue (FY09/10)
Parks & Recreation Department Overtime (FY09/10)
Professional Course Management Agreement (City Golf Courses) (FY09/10)

2008 Boat Show Parking Controls Audit  (FY07/08)
Art Basel Valet Parking Operations  (2007) (2008) (2010) (2011) (2012) (2013) (2014) (2015)
Imperial Parking – Agreement to Provide Cashiers, Attendants and Supervisors (Year 1 – 8/2008-09) (Year 2 – 8/2009-10) (Year 3- 8/2010-11)
Metered Parking Space Rentals  (FY07/08) (FY12/13)
Non-Revenue Municipal Parking Permits (FY10/11)
Off Street Parking – Operational Audit of the City’s Adminstration of Imperial Parking’s Agreement (FY08/09)
Parking Garages – Access Cards (FY08/09)
Parking In-Car Meters (FY09/10)
Parking Meter Collection Agreement – Standard Parking (FY08/09)
Parking Towing Revenue (FY08/09)
Revenue Municipal Parking Permits (FY11/12)
Towing Permit Compliance – Beach Towing (FY11/12)
Towing Permit Compliance – Tremont Towing (FY11/12)
Summary of Parking Reviews (FY07/08) (FY08/09) (FY09/10) (FY10/11) (FY11/12)

Public Works:
Bus Shelters and Lincoln Road Directories Agreements (FY08/09)
Controls Over Access Cards Used for City Buildings (FY12/13)
Fleet – Fuel Distribution (FY08/09)
Fleet Inventory Processing (FY09/10)
Fleet Management Division Internal Services Funds (FY10/11)
Fleet Management Division’s Vehicle and Equipment Disposal (FY13/14)
News Rack Permit Fees (FY11/12)
Property Management Internal Service Charge Billings (FY09/10)(FY15/16)
Property Management Inventory Processing (FY08/09)
Public Works Department Overtime (FY09/10)
Public Works Warehouse Inventory  (9/30/2007) (9/30/2008) (9/30/2009) (9/30/2015) (9/30/2016)
Public Works Warehouse Inventory Processing (FY08/09)
Public Works Warehouse Purchasing (FY08/09)
Public Works Maintenance Contracts and Capital Renewal and Replacement Projects (FY07/08)
Sanitation Fees Residential Billings and Service Agreement Compliance (FY10/11)
Sanitation Fines and Forthwiths (FY10/11)
Sidewalk Cafe Permit Fees (FY11/12)
Stormwater Utility (FY10/11)
Water and Sewer Billings (FY10/11)
Water and Sewer Impact Fees (FY11/12)

AF Recycling System Inc.  (FY07/08) (FY11/12)
C & C Waste Removal, Inc.  (FY07/08)
Choice Environmental Services, Inc. (FY08/09) (FY11/12)
CNC Management Group Inc. (FY10/11)
Davis Sanitation, Inc.   (FY08/09)
Double Waste Services Inc. (FY09/10) (FY12/13) (FY14/15) (FY16/17)
Dumpster Services, Inc.  (FY07/08)
Eastern Waste Systems (FY09/10) (FY13/14) (FY15/16)
EMS Roll-off Inc. (FY11/12)
G7 Holdings Inc., D/B/A Garbageman.com (FY11/12) (FY12/13) (FY14/15) (FY15/16)
General Hauling Service Inc.  (FY08/09)
Great Waste & Recycling (FY11/12) (FY14/15) (FY16/17)
Greener Waste Services Inc. (FY09/10) (FY12/13)
Hurricane Waste Services (FY09/10)
J&O Garcia Enterprises Corp. (FY16/17)
J&M Scaffolds of Florida, Inc. (FY09/10) (FY12/13) (FY15/16)
Junk-Be-Gone  (FY 07/08) (FY10/11) (FY13/14) (FY14/15)
Load It Away LLC (FY13/14)
Lopefra Corp. (FY07/08) (FY10/11) (FY13/14)
PH Waste Removal, Inc. (FY09/10)
Progressive Waste Solutions, Inc. (FY15/16)
Pronto Waste, Inc.  (FY08/09) (FY11/12) (FY13/14)
Rapid Carting Services Corp.  (FY07/08)
Reliable Waste Services, Inc. (FY08/09) 
Republic/All Service Waste  (FY08/09)
S & S National Waste, Inc.  (FY07/08) (FY10/11) (FY13/14)
Southeastern Recycling Corp. (FY07/08) (FY10/11)
Southern Waste System, LLC  (FY07/08) (FY10/11) (FY13/14)
Thunder Demolition Inc.  (FY07/08)
Tripple Waste Services, Inc. (FY08/09) (FY11/12) (FY13/14)
T&S Limited Roll-Off Solutions, Inc. (FY10/11)
Universal Waste Services (FY09/10)
Waste Management of Florida (FY08/09)
Waste Management Inc. (FY12/13) (FY15/16)
Waste Plus, Inc. (FY14/15)
Waste Pro of Florida (FY11/12) (FY14/15)
Waste Service of Florida, Inc.  (FY08/09) (FY12/13)
Waste Services USA (FY09/10)
World Waste Services, Inc.  (FY08/09)
World Waste Recycling, Inc. (FY14/15)