Community Survey

City of Miami Beach continues to strive to deliver outstanding, enhanced services to its residents, businesses and visitors. While at the same time increasing value for the tax dollars paid and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the City.

A significant driver in developing Citywide priorities is community input received through the satisfaction survey conducted with residents, businesses, and community organizations; as well as focus groups within the community.  The surveys provide an understanding of current satisfaction levels among community groups with the City of Miami Beach and the services it provides; it also provides benchmarks to similar jurisdictions; and provides recommendations for improving satisfaction and quality of life, i.e. “key drivers for improving satisfaction.” By surveying residents, businesses, and community organizations, there is a better understanding of the needs and desires of the community and the City is better able to allocate resources to address these priorities.

The City of Miami Beach website features 24-hour customer service for each citizen. The “Citizen Support Center” system provides citizens with an efficient
web interface that allows constituents to reach needed government departments online. Citizens have immediate access to be in touch with a department and the City is able to reply and address issues in a timely manner.  Citizens can also contact the City at 305.604.CITY x2489, TTY number: 305.673.7218.

The following documents provide the results from the community surveys and focus groups:

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