Neighborhood Resource Officers

The Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO) is a law enforcement officer who serves as a liaison between the Miami Beach Police Department, the community, and a variety of City agencies. NROs assist with public education, crime prevention and specific neighborhood problems. They collaborate with all stakeholders to identify and coordinate resources to ensure problems are effectively addressed.

The NROs take pride in helping to address and solve chronic or complex problems that may require on-going monitoring and attention. To achieve success, the NROs work in partnership with citizens, civic groups, schools, and property owners to identify, implement and evaluate the most effective crime prevention strategies.


  • Jerome Berrian

    Jerome BerrianHomeless Outreach Sergeant            

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  • Julio Blanco

    Julio BlancoNorth Beach Neighborhood Resource Officer

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  • Eliut Hazzi

    Eliut HazziMid Beach Neighborhood Resource Officer

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  • Kevin Lantigua

    Kevin LantiguaHomeless Resource Officer           

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  • Ysidro Llamoca

    Ysidro LlamocaHomeless Resource Officer             

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  • Deborah Martineau

    Deborah MartineauSouth Beach Neighborhood Resource Officer

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  • Yoe Merida

    Yoe MeridaHomeless Resource Officer           

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  • Melanie  Ozaeta

    Melanie OzaetaEntertainment District Resource Officer

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