Property Management also performs contract management for all service contracts related to facility maintenance and building services. Our Facility Zone Managers, each assigned to one of six geographic sectors, oversee the daily operations of assets within their assigned zone to maximize safe, efficient and cost-effective operations. Year-round 24/7, they serve as a single point of contact for all facilities in their area.

Some of our maintenance highlights in Fiscal Year 2017 include:

• Elevator repairs at City Hall
• Halon upgrade at City Hall
• Lighting enhancement at Miami Beach Botanical Garden
• Total remodeling and installation of drainage system for 16 beach showers
• Overhaul of Chiller #1 at MBPD Headquarters
• Repair of Electrowave building at Fleet Management facility
• Exterior painting and waterproofing of Fire Station #4
• Exterior fence of 555 building
• Elastomeric coating of 777 building
• Exterior paint and stucco repairs for South Shore Community Center
• HVAC Rehab of South Shore Community Center
• Mold remediation/ asbestos abatement/ building rehabilitation of 666 building
• New domestic water pump at Anchor Garage
• Exterior painting of 12 Street Garage
• Complete jack and piston replacements in elevators 1 and 3 at 17 Street Garage
• Jack head replacement of elevator 5 at 17 Street Garage
• New interior signage (stairwells and utility rooms) at Anchor Garage
• New A/C unit for break room at Fleet Management facility
• 2 new A/C units at Miami Beach Golf Club
• Neon lights at Byron Carlyle
• New lights at Fillmore
• Replacement of hand dryers inside restrooms at City Hall
• Stucco repairs and waterproofing of Bass Museum
• Completed over 5,680 work orders