Section 2 A 10. Generator Placement

Generator Placement


A. Rights-of-Way Permits and Procedures

10. Generator Placement

Permit requirements for Generator Placement:


 a) Four (4) sets of site plan drawn to scale,  (11″x17″ minimum size), to include Right-of-Way dimensions identifying property lines.


 b) Generator placement requires location approval by Code Compliance Department/*Environmental Division prior to Right- of -Way Permit issuance.


 c) Requires Fire Department approval for location placement.


 d) Provide current copy of Certificate of Insurance Liability//Workmen’s Compensation coverage to be approved by the City’s Risk Management Division.


 e) $500.00 minimum sidewalk bond or security deposit

 f) Photographs of existing sidewalk/curb/gutter/asphalt pre-existing conditions.


 g) Proof (receipt) of parking meter space purchased from City of Miami Beach Parking Enforcement Division

 h) Provide generator specifications length, width, and height of trailer mounted unit with rubber tires (must provide photographs of trailer mounted generator).