Section 2 A 12. Manhole Maintenance

Manhole Maintenance


A. Rights-of-Way Permits and Procedures

12. Manhole Maintenance

Permit requirements permit for Manhole Maintenance:

a) Four (4) sets of site plan drawn to scale, (11″X17″ minimum size), to include

Right-of-Way dimensions identifying property lines

b) Provide certified maintenance of traffic plan.

c) Provide copy of Florida Department of Transportation (F.D.O.T. approved permit package to include roadway/lanes closure approval for non-emergency manhole maintenance work. FDOT – District 6 Permit Office, 1000 NW 111 Ave., Miami, FL 33172 (305-470-5367)

d) Provide copy of Dewatering permit and DERM permit.

e) Maintenance of Traffic (M.O.T.).  An off-duty Miami Beach Police officer or F.D.O. T. Certified Flagman may be required.  A determination will be made by the Public Works Engineering.