Section 2 A 23. Water Meter Service

Water Meter Service


A. Rights-of-Way Permits and Procedures

23. Water Meter Service

Requirements for a water meter service connection:

a) Proof of ownership (Copy of Property Warranty Deed Copy of Miami-Dade County Property Assessor tax assessment information)

b) Provide letter signed/notarized from property owner authorizing placement of new water meter service (for applicants with lease/rental agreements).

c) Provide one (1) site plan drawn to scale (11x17 minimum size) to include right-of-way dimensions identifying property lines.

d) Submit complete water meter service application

e) The following are Public Works minimum construction standards for water meter service placement:

f) Provide field marker identifying location of new water meter service placement by the following:  paint markings, wood stakes.

g) Provide debris/obstruction free area for new water meter service placement to include removal of construction fencing, building materials, work/private vehicles etc. that may delay construction scheduling for new water meter service placement.