Section 2 A 4. Concrete Decorative Driveway Connection

Concrete Decorative Driveway Connection


A. Rights-of-Way Permits and Procedures

4. Concrete Decorative Driveway Connection

Permit Requirements for Concrete Decorative Driveway connection:

a) Certified Property Survey less than 2 years old

b) Four (4) sets of plans, profile/ section drawn to scale (11″x17″minimum size) – see minimum construction standards below.

c) Proof of Property Ownership for Owner/Builder construction permit (warranty deed, property tax assessment document.)

d) Proof of Contractor’s license with the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County

e) $500 minimum bond per driveway approach required for Owner/Builder permit

f) Florida Department of Transportation permit required for state roads and right-of-way State roadways: Alton Road, 5th Street, 41st Street (Arthur Godfrey Rd), Collins Avenue, 63rd Street, 71st Street/ Normandy Drive., and Indian Creek Drive.  No decorative driveway approaches allowed on F.D.O.T. roadways.

g) Miami-Dade County permit required for County roads and right-of- ways (Miami-Dade County Public Works 111 NW 1st Street, Miami FL 33132 – Ph. 305-375-2142) Miami-Dade County Roadways: 23rd Street, Dade Blvd, Pine Tree Drive, La Gorce Drive and Venetian Causeway

h) Maintenance of Traffic Plan (MOT). An off duty Miami Beach Police officer or F.D.O.T. Certified Flagman may be required. A determination will be made by Public Works Engineering.

i) Provide restrictive covenant to be signed, notarized and recorded at Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts for decorative driveway installations.