Section 2 A 7. Dewatering



A. Rights-of-Way Permits and Procedures

7. Dewatering

 Permit requirements for Dewatering:

 a) 4 sets of site plan drawn to scale (11″x17″ Minimum size), to include right-of-way dimensions   identifying property lines, ground water discharge location into designated storm inlet structure/body of  water.


 b) Provide current copy of Certificate of Insurance Liability/Workmen’s Compensation coverage to be  approved by the City’s Risk Management Division


 c) Provide four sets of the Engineer of Record, signed/sealed dewatering plan $500.00 minimum bond.   The determination will be made by Public Works Engineering Photographs of existing  sidewalk/curb/gutter/asphalt pre-existing conditions.


 d) Provide copy of DERM approved dewatering permit package


 e) Provide Copy of *F.D.O.T. approved permit package to include roadway/ lane closure approval

f) Maintenance of Traffic Plant (M.O.T.) An off-duty Miami Beach police officer or F.D.O.T. Certified

g) Flagman may be required.  A determination will be made by Public Works Engineering.