Section 2 B Utility Coordination

Utility Coordination


B. Utility Coordination

Florida Statutes (F.S. 556) requires that all utility companies in the State of Florida be members of the Sunshine One Call of Florida. The City of Miami Beach as owner and operator of potable water, sanitary sewer, storm and street lighting utilities is a participating member of the Sunshine One Call of Florida. A City of Miami Beach Underground Utility Request Form is required when any work is to be performed within the public Right-of-Way by utility companies or contractors. The Underground Utility Request Form notifies the contractor to call Sunshine One Call of Florida two (2) full business days prior to any proposed excavation work within the Right-of-Way.  The following is the procedure for requesting, coordinating, logging and marking the underground location requests:

1. Requests are received via fax or e-mail from Sunshine One Call of Florida or the contractors.  The requests have an identifying ticket number, the City Permit number, contact person, project location and description of work.

2. The Utility location person will log the utility requests and research the City’s utility records within the designated construction zone.  The records include potable water, sanitary sewer, street lighting, storm water drainage, potable water and sanitary sewer service connections.

3. The stipulated time for field utility markings, as per F.S. 556, is 48 hours (two (2) full business days) for underground utility requests to be completed or as mutually agreed upon otherwise.

4. Coordination of field meet with requester and to “white line” the proposed excavation area.

5. The utility locator will provide field markings identifying City owned underground utilities by using A.P.W.A color coded paint and utility markings guidelines.

6. The utility location person shall also document the utility markings of the area marked and by recording digital picture for documentation.

Utility markings, as per F.S. 556, will be valid for twenty (20) calendar days.