Section 3 B Permit, Submittals And Completion Certificates

Permit, Submittals and Completion Certificates


B.  Permit, Submittals and Completion Certificates     


Permits are required for all construction activities performed within the public rights of way prior to start of all proposed installations; modifications; relocations; and repairs to include roadways, underground utility infrastructure, aerial / sub aqueous crossings ensuring that all work is performed in accordance with all applicable federal, state, county, local municipal agencies standard requirements prior to start of project.

Submittal of local and state agency applications for water-waste water (Department of Health-HRS), storm water (DERM-SFWMD), street lighting / furniture (CMBPWM), traffic concurrency (CMBPWM) must be stamped approved by the respective agency prior to issuance of the right of way permit.

Completion certificates shall be certified signed and sealed by a licensed laboratory and or licensed Florida Registered Engineer documenting test results by identifying the person that witness all field related test results to include density / proctor, bacteriological, water main / fire line service connections pressure / leak test results, sanitary sewer lateral pressure test, storm water injection well intake capacity, street lighting photometric grid with foot candle calculations shall be submitted in signed and sealed hard copy and certified digital CD format for final acceptance and approval by the City Engineer.