Section 3 C.  Project Closure, Records And Documents

Project Closure, Records and Documents


C.  Project Closure, Records and Documents 


Project Closure requires final inspections of all roadway / infrastructure improvements within the City of Miami Beach rights-of-way by the Public Works Department Field Inspector that shall confirm that all design criteria is achieved, approved material used during construction is acceptable including meeting the City’s standard restoration specification.

Prior to final acceptance, 2 copies of as built drawings certified by a Florida Registered Engineer as the “engineer of record” shall be provided to the City for approval, acceptance and certification. A copy in CD digital AutoCAD format together with a signed and sealed Mylar certified as-built plan 22″x 34″ shall be reviewed and accepted by the City Engineer.

Record documents such as water main pressure / leak testing results, bacteriological sampling, and concrete batch tickets shall be certified by a licensed testing laboratory prior to review and final acceptance by the City Engineer.