Section 5 1. General



1. General

The work specifies in this Section consists of clearing and grubbing, within the areas of the roadway right of way and of borrow pits, sand-clay base material pits, lateral ditches, and any other areas shown in the plans to be cleared and grubbed.  Included in the work under this Section is the removal and disposal of all trees, stumps, roots and other such protruding objects, and buildings, structures, appurtenances, existing pavement, and other facilities necessary to prepare the area for the proposed construction, and the removal and disposal of all product and debris which are not required to be salvaged or not required to complete the construction.

Included also in the work under this Division is certain miscellaneous work considered as necessary for the complete preparation of the overall project site, as follow:

a) The work of plugging any water wells which are encountered within the right of way and which are to be abandoned.

b) The leveling of the terrain outside the limits of construction, for purpose of facilitating maintenance and other post-construction operations.

c) The trimming of certain trees and shrubs within the project right of way, for utilization in subsequent landscaping of the project.