Section 5 2. Demolition, Standard Clearing And Grubbing

Demolition, Standard Clearing and Grubbing


2. Demolition, Standard Clearing and Grubbing.

Work Included:

Standard Clearing and Grubbing shall consist of the complete removal and disposal of all buildings, timber, brush, stumps, roots, rubbish and debris and all other obstructions resting on or protruding through the surface of the existing ground and the surface of excavated areas, and of all other structures and obstructions necessary to be removed.

Unless otherwise shown in the plans, Standard Clearing and Grubbing shall be done within the following areas:

a) All areas where excavation is to be done, including borrow pits, lateral ditches, right of way ditches, etc.

b) All areas where roadway embankments will be constructed.

c) All areas where structures will be constructed, including pipe culverts and other pipe lines.

d) Any other areas specifically called for on the plans to be cleared and grubbed.