Section 5 6. Selective Clearing And Grubbing

Selective Clearing and Grubbing


6. Selective Clearing and Grubbing.

Selective Clearing and Grubbing shall consist of removing and disposing of all vegetation, obstructions, etc., as provided above except that , where the Contractor so elects roots, etc., may be cut off flush with the ground surface.  Stumps shall be completely removed and disposed of by the Contractor.  Undergrowth shall be entirely removed except in specific areas designated by the Engineer to remain for aesthetic purposes.  Desirable trees shall be trimmed, protected and left standing, with the exception of such trees as the Engineer may designate to be removed in order to facilitate right of way maintenance.  Undesirable or damage trees (as so designated by the Engineer), shall be removed.  Selective Clearing and Grubbing shall be done only in areas so designated in the plans.