Section 6 A. Materials




1.01 Mains:

A. The City of Miami Beach Public Works Department does not permit the use of 10-inch, 14-inch or 18-inch pipe, fittings or valves, except as may be approved for connections to existing mains.  The minimum distribution line size is 8 inch diameter.

B. Ductile Iron Pipe (D.I.P.) restrained joint pipe Class 52, as manufactured by U.S. Pipe or American Pipe (or approved equal)  in accordance with ANSI standard A21.51 working pressure not less than 250 pounds per square inch.  The inside lining of the pipe shall be cement mortar as per ANSI Standard A21.4 and AWWA C 104.  The outside coating shall be an asphaltic coating approximately one mil thick as specified in AWWA C151.  All pipe and fittings shall be poly-wrapped conforming to the requirements of ANSI Standard A21.5 and shall have an 8 mil minimum thickness.

C. D.I.P. rubber gaskets and lubricant shall conform to the applicable requirements of ANSI Standard A21.11

D. PVC pipe shall be ASTM 1120 pressure pipe with iron O.D., Class 150 (DR 18), conforming to ANSI/AWWA C-900 or C-905, latest revision.  The pipe shall be impregnated with blue pigment and utilize push on rubber gasketed joints.  PVC pipe shall be installed in accordance with the Uni-Bell Plastic Pipe Association’s Guide for Installation of PVC Pressure Pipe for Municipal Water Distribution Systems.

1.02 Fittings and Appurtenances for Mains

A. Cast iron-ductile fitting and appurtenances shall be 250 PSI pressure rated

B. Fittings and appurtenances shall be cement mortar lined in accordance with ANSI Standard A21.4.  The exterior of fittings and appurtenances shall be coated with an asphaltic coating approximately one mil thick, per AWWA C151 latest revision.

C. Pipe minimum wall thickness shall be Class 52 for 6″ diameter and larger.


1.03  Valves

A. Butterfly valves shall be used on water mains larger than 12″ Diameter:

1. Shall be AWWA Class 150B.

2. Shall be designed for installation in horizontal pipeline with operating shaft in a vertical position. Butterfly valves shall conform to ANSI/AWWA C504 latest revision.

3. Shall have torque limiting device.

B. Gate valves shall be used on mains 3″ diameter to 12″ diameter.

1. Shall be designed for a working pressure of not less than 200 pounds per square inch with fully resilient seat and conforming to ANSI/AWWA C 504 latest revision.

2. Shall have a disk on top of the operating nut, specifying number of turns and direction to open.

C. Valves on 3 inches and smaller lines:

1.    Shall be bronze with double disc, non-rising stem, and open left (counter clockwise) with operating wheel.  Pewter and pot-metal operating wheels shall not be permitted shall be all bronze

2.  Shall conform to Fed. Spec. WW-V-54, Type I, Class B

1.04 Valve Boxes

A. Cast iron boxes shall be extension type with slide-type adjustment and flared base.  The minimum thickness of metal shall be 3/16 inch. The word “W” shall be in the cover.  The boxes shall be of such length as will be adapted, without full extension, to the depth of cover required over the pipe at the valve location.  Boxes to be No. 3 for 6″ and larger lines

1.05 Fire Hydrants

A. All Fire Hydrants to be manufactured by American Darling Model B-84B-5 with threaded pattern.  The nozzle sizes shall meet City of Miami Beach Fire Department requirements:


1. Thread and nozzle size for hose: Two 2-½” HN

2. Thread of pumper nozzle: One 4″ PN

3. Operating nut size, shape, location and rotation: B41 OP NUT OL-Upper


B. Reused Fire Hydrants are to be less than 10 years old.  New Fire Hydrants are to be of current year’s manufacturer.


C. Contractor should inspect and verify that threaded equipment and couplings are compatible with City equipment, particularly “Hose Threads”.

1.06       Water Service and Fire Lines

A.  All service lines two inches (2″) in diameter shall be polyethylene tubing, conforming to AWWA C-901, ASTM D2239 and AASHTO 294 latest revisions.  Polyethylene services crossing a pavement and connecting to a water main in the swale area shall be installed within a four inch (4″) diameter black iron sleeve pipe, under the pavement and sidewalk.

    B.    Copper or brass piping is not allowed except for special conditions. Use  threaded pipes or compression fittings. No solder joints allowed.

    C.    Ductile iron pipes less than 6″ diameter shall be class 53.

    D.    Tapping Saddles shall have two (2) stainless steel straps and one Corporation Stop.

  E.    Meters shall be supplied, installed, replaced and/or maintained by the City.

    F.    Meter boxes are to be supplied by the contractor in accordance with City’s specifications.


1.07 Double Detector Check Assembly (DDCA) 

     A. Install double detector check assembly (DDCA) in accordance with AWWA M14, latest revision.


     B. Structures directly supplied from public water mains with an auxiliary water supply dedicated to Fire Department use and available to the premises shall be protected from the Public Water Supply System by back-flow prevention assembly (RPBA) with RPZ.


     C. The Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) and the Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly (RPBA) shall be installed above the flood plane elevation.

D. All above grade piping shall be copper or D.I.P.  No P.V.C. or galvanized pipes are allowed.

E. Back flow prevention devices shall be equipped with proper vertical support and security.