Section 6 D.  Special Considerations



A.     Water lines shall not be laid in the same trench with sewer lines, storm sewer, gas lines, fuel lines, or electric cables.  The horizontal and vertical separation shall be in accordance with the Department of Health (HRS) latest revision. 

B. The existing water main network shall be analyzed during the design to determine which mains can be abandoned and taken out of service during the construction of water mains.  Mains to be abandoned shall be left in place and are to be cut and capped to the nearest valve.

C. The cost of tests including water usage and retesting due to failures shall be at the contractor’s expense.

4.02 As Built Drawings, Information:

 Prior to final acceptance, two (2) copies of as-built drawings certified by a Florida Registered Land Surveyor shall be provided to the City for approval, acceptance and certification by the “engineer of record”, together with a copy of digital media producing such As-Builts. At minimum, the As-Built must show Station numbers and horizontal offsets from the Base Line and Right-of-Way lines on a Plan scaled 1″=20 ft. for all fittings, valves and changes in horizontal alignment, and a profile with a vertical scale of not less than 1″ = 2 ft. with elevations at all horizontal and vertical changes in alignments and grade profile elevations at approximately 50 ft.  As-Built Plans and Profiles must also show all abandoned pipes and plugs that were modified within the project limits and actual elevation/description of all other utilities crossing or encountered in the vicinity of the new water mains.  The paper size of the drawings shall be 22″X 34″.