Project Catsnip

With grant support from PetSmart Charities, the City of Miami Beach provides funding, facilities and management for the complimentary spaying and neutering of Miami Beach community cats. The city’s humane population control is possible with the support of our partners at SOBE Cats Spay & Neuter, Inc. and The Cat Network.

Lay persons can become registered volunteer feeders or registered volunteer trappers.


  • Registered Volunteer Feeders play an important role in reducing community cat populations by keeping them clean and controlled.
  • Cats congregate around feeding locations, making it easier to trap, treat and monitor their populations.
  • Feeders are the first to identify pregnant cats and locate new litters of kittens while they are still adoptable.
  • Feeders are “first responders” for cats that are ill, protecting pets and even people from the spread of contagious disease.
  • Feeders provide key demographic data to help the city prioritize its management efforts.


Non-profit SOBE Cats Spay & Neuter coordinates humane trappings with volunteers, and keeps maps and population counts for cat colonies across Miami Beach.

The Cat Network provides the Meow Mobile, a surgery center on wheels providing low cost spay/neuter services for community cats, as well as vaccinations and wellness care. To become a registered volunteer feeder/trapper or to donate, please visit

Click here to visit Miami-Dade County’s Animal Services.