Community Cat SNIP

Community Cat SNIP

Spay Neuter Incentive Program

The City of Miami Beach provides funding, facilities and management for the trapping, spaying and neutering of Miami Beach community cats.  This process is known as TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return).  The city’s humane community cat population control is possible with the support of our partners at SoBe Cats Spay & Neuter, Inc.

Anyone that is interested in helping can become a registered volunteer feeder or trapper! Contact for more information.


  • Registered Volunteer Feeders play an important role in reducing community cat populations by keeping the feeding stations clean and controlled.
  • Cats congregate around feeding locations, making it easier to trap, treat and monitor their populations.
  • Feeders provide key demographic data to help the city prioritize its management efforts.


  • Non-profit SoBe Cats Spay & Neuter, Inc. coordinates humane trappings with volunteers and keeps maps and population counts for cat colonies across Miami Beach.

To become a registered volunteer feeder/trapper or to donate, please visit  Click here to visit Miami-Dade County’s Animal Services.