Alberto Cimolai Art Bridge


Title:  Art Bridge, 2000
Medium:  Tromp L’oeil
Location: Bridge connecting Sunset Island 1 and 2

The artwork is a reflection of the artist love for marine life. “I gave up my goal of becoming a Marine Biologist to become an artist,” says Carlos Alves.

The art project by the artist Alberto Cimolai, is a tromp l’oeil (trick of the eye) painting of what the old bridge used to look like. The old bridge was replaced by the Florida Department of Transportation and the artists by the use of tromp l’oeil was able to soften the massiveness of new bridge.

Alberto Cimolai Arts Bridge West ViewAlberto Cimolai Arts Bridge Detail 1Alberto Cimolai Arts Bridge Detail 2 Alberto Cimolai Arts Bridge Detail 3 Alberto Cimolai Arts Bridge East View