Carlos Alves Save Our Oceans


Title:  Save Our Oceans, 1999
Medium:  Ceramic tiles
Location: City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive, First Floor

The artwork is a reflection of the artist love for marine life. “I gave up my goal of becoming a Marine Biologist to become an artist,” says Carlos Alves.

Alves worked on his design Save Our Oceans for approximately one year, creating complicated patterns of brightly-colored mosaic chips, which eventually came together, as a puzzle, creating the illusion of an ocean floor, where sea turtles, rays, blow fish and other sea creatures are scattered throughout. The project took six months. After completion he stated: “I am proud to see the work on this tile floor is enjoyed by visitors and residents. I believe people deserve to have public places beautified.”

Save Our Oceans - Carlos Alves Save Our Oceans - Carlos AlvesSave Our Oceans - Carlos Alves Save Our Oceans - Carlos Alves Save Our Oceans - Carlos Alves


Title: Save Our Reefs, 2004
Medium:  Ceramic tiles
Location:  Lincoln Road and Lenox Avenue

The fountain was originally designed by architect Morris Lapidus in the 60’s, when Lincoln Road was closed to vehicular traffic. The artist, Carlos Alves whose studio was on Lincoln Road across from the fountain, was contacted by the City of Miami Beach and asked to do an art intervention on the fountain.

Carlos chose the theme of “Save our Reefs” as the theme of the artwork.   He has always been inspired by the beautiful oceans of South Florida and wanted the public to become aware of the splendor the reefs have to offer.   The fish and corals on the fountain were hand-made. After Carlos sculpted some of the fish he then used press molds to make multiples of the fish, shells, and the star fish.  The corals and sponges and many other of the fish were all individually hand-made, painted and glazed. Most of the background tiles are hand glazed to resemble moving water, then broken and installed onto the fountain.  It took a team of eight artists to install the tiles onto the fountain. The outcome is awe inspiring and provides the viewer and up close look at one of our great natural treasures the coral reef.

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