Roberto Juarez Bringing The Beach Inside


Title:  Bringing the Beach Inside, 1992
Medium:  Acrylic, Japanese paper, peat moss, sand on linen
Location: Miami Beach City Hall, 4th Floor, City Manager’s Office

Roberto Juarez works and lives in New York City and Miami Beach. His works are included in the a number of public collections including the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and El Museo del Barrio in New York.

For his painting, Bringing the Beach Inside, Juarez combed Miami Beach for forms and objects and glued beach sand to the surface of the work in seaweed shapes. To relate the piece to the police station, he included images of handcuffs, a policeman’s shield and gun, all embedded in the colors and shapes of nature.

Bringing the Beach Inside - Roberto Juarez     Bringing the Beach Inside - Roberto Juarez
Bringing the Beach Inside - Roberto Juarez   Bringing the Beach Inside - Roberto Juarez Bringing the Beach Inside - Roberto Juarez