Frequently Asked Questions

When is a Special Events permit required?
A Special Events permit is needed when an event is taking place on public property and/ or in a private commercial property like a hotel, restaurant or retail space, when changing the allowable use of the space as per the existing City license for the property. The City requires 60 days notice for an event on public property and 30 days notice for an event on private commercial property. The City does not issue Special Event Permits for private residential property.

How much do permits cost?
Every event is different in nature, scope and expected attendance, therefore fees may fluctuate. The standard application fee is $258.00; permit fee is $258.00; there is also a security deposit of $2500.00 (a deposit applies for both public and private property.) Other fees include vehicle beach access passes at $155.00 per pass, square footage fee of .26 cents per sq. ft., a concession fee of 15% for beach events and 10% for non-beach events (based on ticket, merchandise, food and beverage sales). In certain public locations, the City charges a user fee of 25% based on the total amount of all City Services combined including Police, Fire, Parking, Sanitation, etc. The Special Events Office will advise the client as to which fees will apply.

 How quickly can I get a permit?
The Special Events permit process is a review and approval process. Once you apply, the Special Events Office will send you a checklist of requirements. This will be your guide as to what documents to submit and which approval to obtain. Our office issues the Special Events permit once all approvals have been given and all event coordination has been finalized by the Event Producer.

Can I violate the noise ordinance with a special events permit?
A Special Events permit does not grant the applicant/ producer the ability to violate the Noise Ordinance. Both the Miami-Dade County Noise Ordinance, Section 21-28, and the City of Miami Beach Noise Ordinance, Article IV, Sections 46-151 to 46-162, are applicable and enforceable on both public and private property within the City limits of Miami Beach. The Noise Ordinance is in effect 24 hours a day. Should excessive noise occur between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. in such manner to be plainly audible at a distance of 100 ft from a building, structure or vehicle in which it is located and a complaint made, a Code officer will then assess the complaint and make a decision on whether or not the Noise Ordinance has been violated. Failure to comply with the Noise Ordinance may result in a possible citation and/ or immediate revocation of the Special Event Permit.

How do I get a Building Department permit?
If you are erecting a temporary structure such as tent, fencing, staging, trussing, electrical (generators), plumbing (restroom(s) units / port-o-lets), bleachers, pool covers, or other structures, you will be required to obtain a temporary structure permit from the Building Department. You will need engineered structural drawings and a licensed contractor to pull the permit. Please contact the Building Department for a fee schedule at 305.673.7610 or visit

What kind of insurance do I need for an Event?
The City of Miami Beach requires that you provide a certificate of Insurance with a minimum of 1M General Liability coverage.  The City of Miami Beach, with our address, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL  33139 must be listed as the certificate holder and the City also has to be listed as Additional Insured. This exact verbiage must be included under the section of Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles/Special Items: (Example: The City of Miami Beach is included as an additional insured with respects to event name, dates including event load-in and load-out, location, and type of activity.)

Proof of Worker’s Compensation is required if you employ more than three full-time employees by Florida statute.

Liquor Liability: If applicable to your event, a Liquor Liability policy of minimum 1M is required. If liquor liability is being provided by someone other than the applicant, such as a caterer, please provide the vendor’s liquor liability certificate. The certificate of insurance must name the City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139 as a certificate holder and also as additional insured.

 How do I reserve an off-duty officer?
If you are holding an event on public property you will most likely need to hire an Off-duty Police officer. Please call the Off-duty Police office at 305.673.7823. You are required to pre-pay for officers.

 How can I rent metered spaces?
If you need to rent meters for event production, please fill out the parking space rental form and submit as per the instructions on the form. Please note that meter numbers can be found on metal discs glued to the curb. Please be advised that the Parking Department will not reserve meter spaces for personal vehicles.