Miami Beach Freebee Service Welcomes Tesla Model X SUVs

Freebee Event Postcard

In partnership with the City of Miami Beach, Freebee will officially welcome two new Tesla Model X SUVs to the Mid Beach on-demand transportation service later this month as part of the city’s Earth Month activities.

A ribbon-cutting event will take place on Friday, April 21 at 2 p.m. outside the Carl Fisher Clubhouse. The clubhouse is located on the campus of the Miami Beach Convention Center at 2100 Washington Ave.

“The Tesla X vehicles are an exciting addition to our popular on-demand transportation service by enhancing passenger comfort, reducing wait times, and boosting efficiency,” shared Miami Beach Commissioner Alex Fernandez.

Freebee will continue to operate a citywide on-demand transit service for seniors via the company’s signature electric golf carts.

The Tesla Model X vehicles offer a longer range between charges, improved safety features like autopilot and collision avoidance as well as panoramic windshields, falcon-wing doors and advanced climate control systems.

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