19-Year-Old Atlanta, Georgia Spring Breaker to be honored tomorrow in Miami Beach

(Miami Beach, FL) Apr 23, 2019 -

While thousands of people flocked to Miami Beach during Spring Break to soak in the sun and party, Atlanta native Joshua Caraway decided to take a break from the revelry and help pick up trash on the beach — receiving some well deserved media attention for his clean-up efforts.

The City of Miami Beach Mayor and Commission will recognize his selfless dedication in filling up three large trash bags of litter with a proclamation to him this Wednesday, April 24 at 5 p.m. at Miami Beach City Hall Commission Chambers, Third Floor.

“It is shocking to see how much trash is simply left on the sand by some Spring Break tourists,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber. “What this young man did inspired others to properly dispose of their litter and help keep Miami Beach clean.”

His spontaneous beach cleanup instantly went viral, garnering over 3,000 likes and was seen over 220,000 times. Miami Beach Police also acknowledged his hard work on social media with MBPD Major Paul Acosta approaching Caraway and thanking him for his efforts.

“I will never forget this recognition from the City of Miami Beach,” expressed Joshua Caraway. “My goal has always been to help maintain our planet by keeping it safe and clean and doing my part wherever I go.”

Caraway is majoring in Biology at the University of West Georgia and says he has a love for animals and protecting our environment. He is also planning to minor in business and hopes to open his own business to care for animals and keep our planet clean for future generations.