City of Miami Beach Supports New Protections for Cyclists on the Venetian Causeway

(Miami Beach, FL) Feb 18, 2020 -

The Mayor & Commission have passed a resolution to partner with Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami to install new protections for cyclists along the Venetian Causeway and nearby bridges. This artery is the primary route for bicyclists and pedestrians between Miami Beach and the mainland.

“The Venetian Causeway is a vital cross-city bicycle route,” said Mayor Dan Gelber. “We are intent on implementing the best bicycle lane safety measures possible and make sure that cyclists can safely enjoy the ride and our community.”

The city will explore the implementation of delineators, vibratory pavement markings or other protection methods along the edge of the causeway to warn drivers of the bicycle lane.

“The safety of our cyclists is something I care deeply about, and I am committed to making sure we improve their protection and that they feel safe on our roads,” added Commissioner Mark Samuelian.