City of Miami Beach to Open Playgrounds and Outdoor Fitness Equipment

(Miami Beach, FL) Sep 30, 2020 -

Today, the City Manager has extended the city’s State of Emergency Declaration and Emergency Measures through October 7, 2020. In order to be in compliance with Miami-Dade County’s Emergency Order (EO) 29-20, as amended, the City’s measures include the following, effective October 1, 2020:

  • Playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment and volleyball courts will open citywide. Facial coverings must be worn and social/physical distancing between people from different households must be maintained.
  • Park restrooms will reopen. Restroom use shall be limited to one person or one family at a time.
  • Facial coverings shall not be required while actively engaging in an organized sport, playing tennis, or while swimming or otherwise in a pool, ocean, or other body of water. For purposes of this exemption, organized sport means a sport such as soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, boxing, and other recognized sport that is part of an established athletic league or part of an organized program (municipal or otherwise).

    The facial covering exemption for organized sports includes training and practice sessions and matches, but prior to commencing and immediately upon concluding a training or practice session or a match, individuals must wear facial coverings. Individuals who are exercising in their personal capacity and not training as part of an organized sport (i.e., participating in a regular fitness class, using gym equipment as part of a workout, including with a personal trainer or coach, or playing a sport for leisure, excepting tennis) do not fall within the definition of “organized sport” and are not exempted from using facial coverings. All persons, except for members of the same household, shall observe social and physical distancing, both within groups and with others. Bleachers shall not be open to spectators where sports team formal competitions and league play is permitted.

For information on the city’s efforts to curb COVID-19, please visit