Miami Beach Establishes Office of the Inspector General

(Miami Beach, FL) Feb 13, 2019 -

Last November, 81 percent of Miami Beach voters provided a clear mandate of their support to create an Office of Inspector General (OIG). Putting the public’s voice into action, the City Commission unanimously established the independent department to address fraud, abuse and waste while implementing best practices to protect tax dollars and improve processes.

“We made history today as the first municipality in Miami-Dade County to create this office,” shared Mayor Dan Gelber. “It’s a healthy addition to our efforts to elevate the performance of our city’s government.”

Today’s decision established the new office capable of subpoenaing witnesses, administering oaths and requiring production of records to conduct its investigations; created five full-time positions to report to the IG; and established a proper procedure for issuance of reports and recommendations. The city will now begin their nationwide search to fill the IG position.

“An independent Inspector General will significantly raise the performance bar at Miami Beach City Hall,” added Commissioner Mark Samuelian. “I’m pleased to have brought our promise to reality for Miami Beach voters.”