Miami Beach Launches its First Open Government Data Platform

(Miami Beach, FL) Oct 16, 2019 -

The City of Miami Beach has launched its first open data project dashboard this month, for the benefit of public access and information. The new interactive feature has been embedded to the website of the Miami Beach General Obligation (G.O.) Bond Program – on the “Projects” tab. This Project Dashboard provides site visitors with real-time expense and activity information for each of the city’s G.O. Bond-funded projects.

The result of a collective city effort to make all G.O. Bond project finance and timeline information as transparent as possible, the Project Dashboard allows residents and bond investors to access detailed information on the current status of the $439 million taxpayer dollars that the city is spending to complete 57 separate quality-of-life improvement projects.

“When residents approved the G.O. Bonds last November with 70% support, they did so with the promise that the city would deliver quality of life enhancements in a timely and transparent manner,” said Mayor Dan Gelber. “We take that promise seriously, and I am intent on doing whatever we can to make sure we are efficient, responsive and transparent.”

Using Microsoft’s advanced Power BI technology, the interactive dashboard pulls financial information straight from the city’s financial record-keeping software in real-time, and takes detailed project scope, timeline and updated information directly from the city’s main project management software. The Microsoft Power BI tool also allows the city to generate a daily Program Progress Report that serves as a downloadable and printable version of the interactive dashboard site. This report gets generated with current, daily information, and is automatically posted to the website as a PDF document every morning around 7 a.m.

The launch of the Project Dashboard for the G.O. Bond Program is only the first of many digital dashboards that the city plans to roll out as part of the commitment made in its Strategic Plan Through the Lens of Resilience, which was adopted by City Commission this past July.

Explore the Project Dashboard by visiting