Miami Beach Offers New Virtual School Tours

(Miami Beach, FL) Jun 22, 2022 -

In an effort to attract new homeowners and businesses, the City of Miami Beach has produced virtual tours of all six Miami-Dade County Public Schools in the community. The internet-based student tours highlight city-funded programs and activities as well as the excellent learning opportunities available to children who attend Miami-Dade County Public Schools.


“Homebuyers with young children want to move to a community that places an emphasis on education,” noted Miami Beach City Manager Alina T. Hudak. “The city funds a number of programs that you simply can’t find elsewhere in the state of Florida.”


City of Miami Beach funded school initiatives include the International Baccalaureate program, dual-enrollment classes taught by college-qualified instructors, SAT/ACT prep courses as well as free after-school activities and STEAM programs, which refers to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.


When traditional school tours were halted during the COVID-19 pandemic, the city began looking for other ways to promote Miami Beach schools and the enhanced educational offerings available exclusively to children who attend Miami Beach public schools. The Miami Beach Committee for Quality Education recommended that the city produce virtual tour videos to fill the void.


“One of the benefits of virtual tours is that they can be watched by families anytime and anywhere,” explained Miami Beach Commissioner Steven Meiner, who sponsored the motion to fund the initiative. “It’s more convenient for busy parents than driving to each school.”


Tour videos are available for all six Miami-Dade County Public Schools in the city, including Biscayne Beach Elementary, Miami Beach Fienberg Fisher K-8, North Beach Elementary, Miami Beach South Pointe Elementary, Miami Beach Nautilus Middle and Miami Beach Senior High School.


To view the virtual tours, click here.