Miami Beach Police Get a Head Start on Spring Break Planning

(Miami Beach, FL) Nov 8, 2018 -

The Miami Beach Police Department has begun an early effort to get messaging out to college students who may already be making their plans for Spring Break 2019 — advising the young adults that there will be an increased emphasis on enforcement of laws to address crime and quality-of-life issues. A series of letters addressed to university administrators across the nation and to fraternity/ sorority leadership conveys the message that violations of law will not be tolerated in Miami Beach during the upcoming Spring Break season.

“Each year, thousands of students flock to Miami Beach to enjoy our beautiful beaches and unrivaled nightlife,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel J. Oates. “Their safety and security are our top priority, and we hope that these letters will assist in amplifying our message.”

The City of Miami Beach implements a multi-tiered marketing and communications outreach campaign every year to ensure a safe Spring Break season, which includes traditional and digital advertising. We expect the 2019 campaign to be just as robust.