Miami Beach Puts a Spotlight on Monument Island

(Miami Beach, FL) Nov 26, 2018 -

As a 110-foot high obelisk, the Henry M. Flagler Memorial on Monument Island stands as a proud testament to the legacy of the Miami Beach pioneer. Enduring natural disasters and common wear and tear throughout the decades, the City of Miami Beach has replaced the old lighting system on the island with solar-powered lights to truly highlight the beauty of the memorial.

“Our new lights now make the structure visible at all hours of the day in an energy efficient way,” noted Mayor Dan Gelber. “It marks a big step in our dedication to properly maintaining the historic island and showcasing the monument in its full glory.”

Surrounding the pillar, each LED light fixture illuminates one of the four allegorical faces of the statue that symbolize the cardinal directions, featuring 12 color-changing variables that adjust seasonally. The eight new lights are powered by three solar-electric collector assemblies and operate at full intensity from dusk to dawn.