Miami Beach Receives Praise from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

(Miami Beach, FL) Nov 1, 2018 -

As the state’s leading agency for environmental management and stewardship and the regulator of stormwater management activities associated with the Miami-Dade County Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit of which the City of Miami Beach is a co-permittee, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Department (DEP) recently praised the City’s initiatives in protecting local water quality.

“We’re proud that the DEP has not only noted our compliance with current permits, but has recognized our vast efforts in protecting the quality of our waterways and doing what’s best for our community and natural ecosystem,” expressed City Manager Jimmy L. Morales.

Following a review of the City’s Year 6 and 7 MS4 permit annual reports, DEP determined that the City is not only in compliance with the permit, but is also working far beyond the permit’s requirements, citing the City’s regular and thorough inspections of its own stormwater system, potential discharges and construction sites. DEP also recognized the City for proactively launching robust litter control and street sweeping programs to prevent pollutants from entering the stormwater system, and acknowledged the urban island’s water quality sampling program.

Launched last year, the City’s municipal water quality program has been highly effective in collecting data and has confirmed that there are no direct connections between the City’s sanitary system to the waters of Biscayne Bay adjacent to Miami Beach.

The review of the City’s stormwater management program, which included discussions with other regulatory agencies with jurisdiction on stormwater activities, finally established that the City’s stormwater system design meets the requirements of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to provide stormwater treatement for flood control projects.