ParkMobile To Offer New Contactless Payment Options in Miami Beach

(Miami Beach, FL) Nov 19, 2020 -

The app-based parking solution for Miami Beach motorists, ParkMobile, announced it will be enabling parking payments through Google Pay. With this addition, Google Pay users can pay for parking without needing to download a separate parking app or create an account.

“We’re excited ParkMobile is offering yet another option for Miami Beach residents and visitors to quickly pay from the convenience of their phones and whatever location they find themselves,” Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales said.

To make a parking payment, a user will open the Google Pay app on their mobile device and tap to park from the home screen. The user will start a new session, enter the parking zone, add time and finish the payment. If it is the user’s first-time using Google Pay to park, the user also has to enter the car’s license plate number. Once the session has started, the user can easily extend parking time from the Google Pay app.

Miami Beach operates 66 surface parking lots and 10 garages, with the Collins Park Garage expected to open shortly at 340 23 Street.

“We are thrilled to bring a new way to pay for parking for drivers using Google Pay in over 300 cities across the U.S. today, and we look forward to expanding the solution to our complete network in the coming months,” Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile, explained.