Surfside Residents Can enjoy Miami Beach Tennis & Swimming Amenities

(Miami Beach, FL) Jun 30, 2021 -

The City of Miami Beach will open its tennis and swimming amenities to Town of Surfside residents for 60 days in an effort to assist with the neighboring community’s recovery from the horrific June 24, 2021 partial condominium collapse.


“We’ve received a number of inquiries from Surfside families who have been unable to access their community’s tennis center and community pool along Collins Avenue due to the ongoing emergency response,” Miami Beach City Manager Alina T. Hudak explained. “This small gesture will certainly be appreciated by families with young children over the summer months.”


During the 60-day period, which begins on Tuesday June 29, 2021, Surfside residents will pay Miami Beach resident prices to use the city’s two public tennis centers and three community swimming pools.


Surfside residents are welcome at either the Miami Beach Tennis Center, 501 72 St. (305.604.4080) or the Flamingo Park Tennis Center, 1200 Meridian Ave. (305.673.7761).


Surfside residents are also welcome at the following aquatic centers: Normandy Isle Park & Pool, 7030 Trouville Esplanade (305.993.2021); Flamingo Park & Pool, 12 St. & Michigan Ave. (305.673.7750) or Scott Rakow Youth Center, 2700 Sheridan Ave. (305.673.7767).