Active Projects

From South Pointe to Biscayne Point, Planned Progress provides improvements to every neighborhood in Miami Beach. Improvements are broken up into the following categories:

Neighborhood Improvements
These improvements include upgrading and making our streets and various utiltities compliant with current codes, as well as making the overall neighborhood aesthetically pleasing.

The focus of these improvements are to enhance the city’s recreational offerings. These enhancements vary from the rehabilitation of particular features to the reconstruction of entire parks. The program includes all facets of recreational sites, including tot lots, golf courses, parks, sport-related facilities, passive facilities, etc.

Sufficient parking availability is a priority for Planned Progress and the city strives to provide our community with various facilities to address this issue.

Planned Progress also engages in projects that address an internal city need that will help us improve the level of service we provide our residents. These improvements include bathrooms and service yards and facilities.