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Venetian Islands Right of Way Improvements

This neighborhood project is taking place within the right of way on three of the Venetian Islands: San Marino, DiLido and Rivo Alto. The following infrastructure upgrades have already occurred: lined the sanitary sewer lines, installed a new water main and services, installed the main line and structures for an upgraded drainage system. Crews are currently focused on the installation of six pump stations, two per island; four of them are already operational and Rivo Alto work is in progress. New decorative street lights are also part of this project; they are already functioning on San Marino and DiLido Islands, and Rivo Alto’s new lighting system is in the works.


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Department Lead

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Department Director

David Martinez, P.E

Senior Capital Improvement Project Coordinator

Sabrina Baglieri

Capital Improvement Project Coordinator

Paola Vega

Neighborhood Affairs Coordinator

Vanessa Vazquez

Engineer of Record / Resident Project Representative for Right-of-Way Improvements

Schwebke-Shiskin and Associates, Inc.

Contractor for Right-of-Way Project

Lanzo Construction, Inc.

Contractor for Seawall Project

Shoreline Foundation, Inc.