Lifeguard Towers

Project Status – In Construction

The City is constructing 35 new, iconic, colorful lifeguard towers to safeguard our beaches. This project started in 2015; the towers are built in batches and brought out to their home on the beach when they are ready.

Project Location

Staging areas set up where the contractor works to put together the lifeguard towers before they are transferred to their beach location and put into service. Locations for the new towers are chosen in conjunction with Ocean Rescue to determine where they are most needed in service, as the older towers are switched out of service.

Current staging areas are located east of Lummus Park near 14 Street and east of North Beach Oceanside Park, north of 79 Street.

Scope of Work

The last five towers (of the 35) are currently in production! Their primary function is to house the lifeguards and protect beach-goers throughout Miami Beach. Their fun designs have also become iconic Art Deco identifiers all along Miami Beach’s sandy shores.

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Projects Coordinator
Ariel Guitian

William Lane

Post & Beam LLC

Public Information Specialist
Lauren Firtel