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Normandy Isle Reforestation

This year's reforestation efforts in these neighborhoods would expand on the multi-year reforestation efforts that have added over 250 new trees within our north beach communities over the last three years. The newly planted trees will be a combination of Bridal Veil (Caesalpinia granadillo), Wild Tamarinds (Lysiloma bahamensis), Gumbo Limbos (Bursera simaruba), Green Buttonwoods (Conocarpuserectus) and several other Florida-friendly tree species that provide shade and beautify the community. The newly planted trees will be maintained for a period of one year. At the end of one year all supports will be removed and minor structural pruning will be conducted to promote sound canopy growth as the trees mature.


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Department Lead

Environment and Sustainability

Department Director

Elizabeth Wheaton

Urban Forester

Omar J. Leon

Forestry Field Specialist

Harper Martinez

Neighborhood Affairs Coordinator

Kevin Pulido


Tree Contractor LLC