Belle Isle

Area: Belle Isle, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Contact: Scott Van Hove,

Membership Requirements: Resident of Belle Isle

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Board meets monthly. General Membership Meetings are called as needed at a minimum of once a year.

Mission of Association: The Belle Isle Residents Association (BIRA) is a voice for residents interested in preserving and improving the quality of life on Belle Isle. BIRA is concerned with safety, security, traffic control, ease of parking, noise control, park beautification, cleanliness, open spaces, planning, development, licensing, permitting, and all issues that may affect the residents and their quality of life on Belle Isle.

Current Goals:

  • Maintain a pristine park experience for Belle Isle residents and monitor general appearance, trash, sod, iguana management, new lighting, pump station camouflage and other features.
  • Work with the city and FPL to underground electrical/utility wires.
  • Address noise issues on water and engaging with the Police Marine Patrol.
  • Address noise issues on land by engaging with MBPD and working with the CMB Commission to deploy new technology to measure, monitor and deter excessive noise.
  • Address traffic management issues:
    • Speeding on Island Ave and Venetian Causeway by engaging with MBPD.
    • Traffic light sequencing/slowness. RAFFIC LIGHT SEQUENCING/SLOWNESS.
  • Support information sharing, best practices among buildings/boards.
  • Increase engagement with residents who live on Belle Isle:
    • Continue annual meeting format.
    • Continue to expand BIRA’s email list to improve outreach.
    • Continue to improve the look and content on BIRA’s website.
  • Identify priorities for use of $1m GO Bond before funds become available.

BIRA’s Past Accomplishments – since incorporation in 2004

  • Worked with state DOT to alter the proposed increase in bridge height between Belle Isle and Rivo Alto to limit height increase to 1-2 feet from current level while retaining access/use of side parks.
  • Installed a new “yield” sign to notify drivers exiting North Island Avenue onto Venetian Way.
  • Held webinar with M-D Mayor Daniella Levine Cava on March 9th, 2021, with 75 community registrants + 8 elected official/staff registrants.
  • Worked with the city to install new lighting at Belle Isle Park.
  • Worked with the city to create a new base in the dog park to limit issues with mud.
  • Supported elimination of gas-fueled leaf blowers citywide, which will be phased out in 2022.
  • Worked with city officials to camouflage Belle Isle Park pump station with additional planting materials and other beautifying techniques.
  • Worked with Miami-Dade County Transportation department to ensure Venetian Way remained open and increased traffic remained at a minimum during MacArthur Causeway repairs in 2019-2020 and sewer line repairs in 2022.
  • Continually worked with Roadway Engineers to have the traffic lights in our community provide the maximum efficiency.
  • Successfully lobbied for a $1 million allocation for Belle Isle from the 2018 City of Miami Beach GO Bond.
  • Successfully stopping the Standard Hotel from obtaining a 5 AM liquor license and keeping it at 12 AM
  • Previous efforts have also led to the creation of a new residential parking zone, wider streets, new bike racks and benches, additional landscaping, new traffic lights, prevention and control of odor and noise, improved bus routes, a new flag pole, timely infrastructure repairs, reduced street flooding and more.